2018 Jalopyrama: Cancelled

2018 Jalopyrama: Cancelled

I’ve literally been in a third world country for the past week and got back to work this morning only to be met with some bad news. Apparently, the 2018 Jalopyrama has been canceled. Here’s the notice that went up last night:


It is with regret that we must inform you that the 2018 Jalopyrama will not be held this year at the Westminster Agricultural Center Shipley Arena. The new 2018 requirements put forth on the Jalopyrama show would not allow us to accept the AG Center’s proposed contract. We presented a counter-proposal, but it was denied by the AG Center board. In our proposal we attempted to secure show access via the county paved roads (Smith Avenue) for all attending show cars. Our proposal increased our costs by 66% over 2017. We believe that the new AG Center management and the board did not want a show as large and not under their direct control being held at their facility.

This is truly unfortunate. Unfortunate that we break our string of fourteen years of successive shows. Unfortunate that national interest in our show is at a peak due to the tremendous show coverage and success of the 2017 show featuring Customs. Unfortunate that the show beneficiaries and the City of Westminster lose the donations and commerce as result of the show. Just in the last three years, Jalopyrama has provided just under $70,000 to local Westminster beneficiaries. We estimate that in these same three years, more than $250,000 was spent in and around Westminster by show attendees. Last year alone, more than 50 rooms were booked at just the Best Western in Westminster. We had guests last year with rooms just outside Gettysburg.

While it is unlikely that a suitable alternate location could be secured for 2018, we would ask fellow car friends if they are aware of a facility that could accommodate a show such as ours. We seek a facility in Maryland that would allow a substantive (50-120) indoor car display, so that we may preserve the signature retro 1950s/1960’s intimate indoor car show experience, but also allow for 300-500 show cars outside, with parking for up to 1,000 spectator vehicles. On-site camper and trailer parking, with overnight capability would also be preferred, but this need not be adjacent to the show field. The availability of decent local hotel/motel rooms is also very important. Welcoming and supportive show location management is a must. Put on your thinking caps. If you have any ideas please send us an e-mail. It may be too late for October 2018, but there still is October 2019.

Thank you. Mike Szuba, President, Jalopyrama, Inc.

Now, I’ve had my own tongue and cheek problems in the past with the Jalopyrama and that was put to bed years ago, but to reiterate something that should have been really obvious to begin with – my experience at the Jalopyrama and my coverage of it was all fun and games and not important in the least.

What is important, however, is this little show. In fact, there is nothing more important in this thing of ours than the little shows. They drive the future. Literally. And, in my opinion, the Jalopyrama is one of the best.

So, we need to get together and support the people that put this deal on. When it’s rescheduled and it’s time to plan, plan. Get out there. Make it happen. And make damn sure this one stays on the map. It’s important fellas.

Stay tuned… and until then, enjoy these photos Helmuth took of last year’s event:

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