Five Carbs, Six Cylinders (Again!)

Five Carbs, Six Cylinders (Again!)

A few days after posting last Friday’s “Buzzin’ Half Dozen” article, I was bench racing with my brother on the phone. He and I have very similar interests when it comes to hot rods, and we both share a deep affinity for early iron. You know how it goes. After our conversation dipped and darted from building a Butterscotch Yellow ’29 Model A-V8 to the Early Times car club to the First Street Rod Nationals, we got to talking about Jerry Haley’s ’33 Plymouth.

We were both equally impressed with the fit and finish, but it was that Jimmy six that really caught our attention. “The mill is great,” he said, “but how would you like to run five Strombergs on your six? When was the last time you saw that?” I thought for a moment, and I honestly didn’t know. Sure, I’d seen two and three carb manifolds, but five on a six was just plain wild. I wondered when—and if—I’d ever come across a similar setup.

Little did I know that all I had to do was flip through 25 more pages. Lo and behold, in that same issue of Popular Hot Rodding, there was a short feature about Bill Bousquet’s T-bodied C/Street Roadster. Built as a father-son project, the high-riding T sat on a pair of Model A rails with reinforced crosmembers. A CAE tube brought the nose skyward, while a ’55 Chevy axle was used out back. Rear suspension consisted of quarter-elliptic springs and homemade ladder bars.

The body was glass, the wheels were magnesium, and the powerplant was a hot GMC six. Just like last week’s motor, the Jimmy was pushed to 320cid, except Bill opted for a wide variety of McGurk speed equipment. Talking points included McGurk pistons, cam and intake manifold to mount the quintuplet of Stromberg 97s. A Mallory Mini-Mag provided the spark, while the headers are custom-built pieces.

At the end of the day, the Honduras Maroon roadster was good for mid-12 second e.t.’s at 105mph. No frills, no fuss, no problem. Looks like it’d be a great machine to take down the quarter mile—and a treat for anyone around who got the opportunity to hear the six in action.

Joey Ukrop

 Photos by Ed Sarkisian, PHR, December 1965

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