Fear & Loathing The Cold

Fear & Loathing The Cold

It’s a miserable damned existence in Austin, TX right now. The past couple of days, the warmest temperature I’ve seen is somewhere south of 30-degrees. Right now, it’s 16… And I don’t want to hear from you Northerners about what a puss I am and how cold your temps are – I live in Austin for a reason and it’s your own damned fault for living where it’s like this on the reg. I have the right to moan and whimper – you don’t.

Today’s post is late is because I spent over an hour trying to scrape the ice off the windshield of my ’64 F100 with a broken CD case. My hands are numb. My teeth are chattering… And I’m dreaming of kicking mother nature right in the teeth. Hard. Bitch has it coming.

So enough trying to type with frozen sausages. Here’s my directory of old cars in the snow – uploaded without editing as I have to get back in the house where there is some semblance of a decent temperature if I stand by the wall vent.


Note: Add your own if you have them…

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