The Hot Rod Songs of Cars Land…

The Hot Rod Songs of Cars Land…

Someday, you might look back on your life’s work, at the projects or events that stood out as the most special to be a part of. Between 2007 and 2012 I was fortunate enough to work on an amazing Imagineering project at Disney’s California Adventure (DCA) in Anaheim called ‘Cars Land’. For those of you who aren’t aware of it, Cars Land was a 12 acre expansion to DCA, across from Disneyland. It’s an immersive storytelling experience that takes you into Radiator Springs, the home of Disney-Pixar’s ‘Cars’. This was some of the best times of my career so far, and there were two projects in particular that I really enjoyed putting my person touches on at Cars Land. The first was picking out antique auto parts and memorabilia for set dressing, procured largely from an annual visit to the Hershey AACA swap.

The other project that comes to mind was helping to select the music for the Radiator Springs Racers cue. Unlike the sugary pop 50s hits you hear throughout Cars Land, we wanted more old-timey and less mainstream car songs for the ride cue. I’m attaching five of the many hot rod-related tunes from this attraction in hopes that some of them might be unknown to you… Maybe some ‘new’ music to keep you moving the garage projects along on a cold winters night. Enjoy!



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