Olds F-88 Mark II… A Pretty Nice Follow Up

Olds F-88 Mark II… A Pretty Nice Follow Up

I’ve proclaimed my love for the original Oldsmobile F-88 concept of 1954; It was just an outright gorgeous little sports car aiming to be Olds version of the Corvette Roadster. However, the F-88 that’s often forgotten is the follow up Mark II version from 1957. Yes, the quad headlamps take away some of the overall elegance, but there are some striking lines on this car never the less. Check out the rocket-shaped fender bulges that turn into chrome side trim! I also love the rear 3/4 angle of this car with the small, mid-fender fins and extra long deck lid. Yes, this baby is a little bizarre overall, but isn’t that what a custom concept is for- Pushing the boundaries of design a little?


Unfortunately, Oldsmobile then followed up with another F-88 two years later, the less-than-elegant Mark III version…

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