The Silva Coupe

The Silva Coupe

So I’ve been working on this weird, sort of artsy, method of developing Portra film. It’s a process involving digital cameras, scanners, medium format film, dark rooms, and a shit ton of time. And once I’m done with all that, I’m left with medium format negatives without ever touching a medium format camera.

Anyway, I had been testing this process out for a few weeks when I gotta call from one of my best pals. Kevin Silva recently bought back his ’34 coupe and after getting it back on the road and driving it for a few months, he realized why he sold it in the first place. Essentially, he wanted something a little more spacious.

If you aren’t familiar with Kevin’s coupe, it’s a simple and time tested affair. Kevin started with a really solid example of a model-40 5w utilizing an early drivetrain. To compliment the top loader and banjo rear, Kevin added a mild small-block Chevrolet. To help it slip through the air, he had Bob Bleed bring the top down a few inches (back when he was working out of South Austin Speed Shop). And to get it all stopped, he threw on some Buick drums up front. And, of course, you gotta be comfortable throughout all of this… So Carlos was called upon to stitch up a traditionally style interior.

Afterwards, Kevin had himself a casual hot rod capable of just about anything he could throw at it. And, for a while, he threw a shilo (sic) at it – driving the car just about everywhere. Eventually though, Kevin found himself yearning for the practicality of a later sedan and sold the coupe to a really nice and deserving family. That was that.

And then, the new owner got sick and instructed his wife to sell the car back to Kevin when it was time. That time came and here we are… Kevin has his ’34 back to go along with his hankering for a ’40 sedan. Something has to give…

And now, you are all caught up. To get where he wants to go, Kevin has to sell this coupe.

Last week, Kevin rolled out to The Jalopy Journal World HQ at around sun down and I figured it was the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – Kevin gets his shots for a classifieds ad and I get the chance to test out this new film process of mine.

I think it went pretty well and hope you enjoy the shots. And by all means, if you are in the market for a clean 5-window shoot Silva a line. He’s one of us and this is one car I’d definitely stand behind.


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