Superchargers & Spacemen: Caption This!

Superchargers & Spacemen: Caption This!

Captions are critical. At the newspapers, they call ’em cutlines and in the magazine world, we call them by their rightful name. These little snippets are capable of heavy lifting. Word by word, people, places and cars move from the unknown to the familiar. They’re a dose of something extra and, in the best cases, they tell a story.

These stories range from technically heavy to just plain fun. How much is that axle dropped? What kind of gear are they running in that Halibrand quickchange? Why did they paint “Rinky Dink” on the driver’s side door? Who was the Burgie Man and what did he have to do with Fuel Coupes? Lots of questions answered in not a lot of words—doesn’t get much better than that.

Today we’re swinging away from the technical topics for a brief second to talk about a photo from years ago. Snapped in the late-’60s, it depicts a radical AA/Street Roadster launching off the starting line at Ohio’s National Trail Raceway. With its fiberglass T body, coil sprung suspension and blown early Hemi, the car appears to be fairly well done for its day. Devoid of lettering and contingency decals, it’s almost as if the roadster was freshly finished. Oh, and how about those lengthy ladder bars?

All that aside, there is tons downright funky stuff happening here. Check out that mountain of a hood that completely shrouds the supercharger setup. It was undoubtedly put in place to comply with the revised NHRA rules that required all blowers, injectors, tubes and scoops to be covered prior to sanctioned competition. As far as T hoods go, this is one of the more intricate ones I’ve ever seen. Then there’s the driver’s getup—a bizarre blend of beekeeper and cosmonaut chic. Safe-ish? Yes. Weird? I’ll let you draw your own conclusion there. And so, amidst this strangeness, I think we have some strong material.

With that, I’ll leave this one up to you folks to caption. Bonus points if it’s clever, double points if it’s funny. No prizes here: just a good way to kick off the week. I’m looking forward to hearing what you all have to say.

Joey Ukrop

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