The Mooneyes Yokohama Hod Rod & Custom Show

The Mooneyes Yokohama Hod Rod & Custom Show

Shige Suganuma started his connection with Moon way back in 1983 as a side business selling parts while he was working for Disney in Japan. He had met Dean Moon earlier while in college in the US and decided to open his own shop in Yokohama. Suganuma went back to Moon in the Santa Fe Springs a number of times hunting for vintage parts, and when Moon passed away in 1987, Shige-san began running both locations. A few years later he became the primary sponsor of the Yokohama Rod & Custom show, and it’s all blossomed from there.

One thing that makes this show so special is the focus on honoring the featured builder as well car or bike that they created. Imagine having your custom vehicle shipped to Japan for the show and then flying over and getting to drive it around Yokohama a bit while your there. Then you drive into the show as the crowds line the sides to show their appreciation for what you’ve built. I can’t imagine anything cooler… And I’ve got a number of buddies who have actually done it. This event is still on my bucket list after many years, and if I never get my car invited there (which is likely), I might just have to buy a ticket and go anyway! This year’s show is Sunday, December 3rd.

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