Cool Things about Wally Parks ’29 A Roadster

Cool Things about Wally Parks ’29 A Roadster

Can you believe Wally has been gone over 10 years now? To call him a hot rod icon is putting it lightly… But what I’ve been geeking out on lately is 40s and 50s era Model As on Deuce rails, and his car comes right to the top for a number of reasons. It’s not an over-the-top show car or racer, but the Parks ’29 A has so many details that come together nicely:

First the stance and proportions- Its not overly raked or aggressive, just a purpose-built Roadster that looks the part on the street or at the strip.

Function over Flash- A three-piece hood with louvers, very cool rear tube bumper, and shaved handles. Wally didn’t feel the need to chrome plate every component or add kooky striping and high dollar accessories. Heck, he was still running knee-action shocks on the front and a stock banjo out back.

Innovation where it counts- The spring forward of axle front suspension set up for more travel and a better ride. The exhaust pipes were run through the frame crossmembers for maximum ground clearance.

I think the little Roadster was really a reflection of Wally’s personality in many ways- Subtle, humble, and down to business. Man, I miss that guy.




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