The 2017 Bayou Round Up

The 2017 Bayou Round Up

The Bayou Round Up is a sort of destination car show. Essentially, you load all of your buddies up into old cars and head to Lafayette, Louisiana and to the Bayou where you are met with a scene that isn’t all that different from the early Lone Star Round Ups. The show itself is held on the grounds of a really old and really amazing building called the Blackham Coliseum.

Inside the coliseum is a selection of high quality traditional hot rods and customs while outside features yet more cars and some of the best live music ever on display at a small car show. I mean, where else can you sit in the grass and listen to legends like Charlie Sexton, Denny Freeman, Mike Buck, Speedy Sparks, and Lil’ Buck Sinegal or discover obscure southern gems like Curley Taylor? I’ll say it right now – Until someone digs up Nate Dogg, revitalizes him, and puts him on stage, this will go down as the best music feature at a car show… EVER.

It was that good…

But the music isn’t the only draw. Lafayette is a great little college town with amazing food and all kinds of things to do keep you and your hot rod busy. On Friday we cruised out to the Tabasco factory and rolled through the Jungle Gardens. That night we headed to Parc Sans Souci in downtown Lafayette, slammed some old fashions and made asses of ourselves. There’s just a lot to do.

But regardless of all these activities, nothing is asses to elbows. The Bayou Round Up is still a small show and when you are there, you never feel like a number. It’s relaxing. It’s chill… And that is just the way I like my car shows.


Special thanks to all of the Kontinentals for including me this weekend. Sincerely. Pals. I had a ball… So much so that I didn’t really take a lot of photos. But here’s what I did get done:


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