Found Film

Found Film

Developing and scanning film is a long and tedious process that is laced with both misery and rejection. Typically, when I shoot a roll of 36 exposures I’m lucky to have one keeper. Many are blurry or poorly exposed and most would be no less special if taken with my iPhone. But every now and then, I get lucky. This is one of those times.

I’ve had a roll of film sitting in my desk drawer since 2007. Last week I finally thought of it while developing a batch and decided to run it through the tanks. I had no idea what was on the roll and expected disappointment. It wasn’t until I started scanning that I realized my fortune.

You’ve seen this setting before… I shot my coupe and Stevo’s “Waco Kid” back in 2007 when a bunch of Austin folks got together and went to an air show. Most of my shots were taken with my digital camera (and I’ve over used those photos for years), but apparently I went armed with my Nikon F3 film camera as well.

So… After a decade of sitting in my desk drawer, enjoy these forgotten shots:

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