A Fresh View of Rømø

A Fresh View of Rømø

It’s hard to improve on a day at the beach, but a few dedicated hot rodders over in Denmark have done just that with the Rømø Motor Festival. The premise behind the weekend-long the event is a simple one: get a collection of pre- and immediate-post war hot rods, racecars and motorcycles and line ’em up for some head-to-head showdowns on the sands of Rømø —an island off the western coast of Denmark in the Wadden Sea. Close to a century ago, there were races on the nearby island of Fanø, and the RMF team worked to emulate the sprit of that competition while adding a few twists of their own.

Last year, I found myself making an international phone call from my living room in San Francisco. With my notebook out and pens at the ready, Thomas Toft Bredahl came though on the other end. He’s one the guys responsible for the scheming, dreaming as well as organization of RMF. Thomas was happy to fill me in on the finer points of their event, which was still in its infancy. My findings made thier way into Rodder’s Journal #74 in the article “Slingin’ Sand Across the Globe: Beach Racing Comes of Age,” which covered the action from both Denmark and Pismo Beach, California.

Earlier this week, I thought back to that piece when I got an email from the folks at Nordic Story, a new media channel based in Denmark. They specialize in “Quirky initiatives, creative projects—all told by people driven by passion and great ambition,” and they just released a mini-doc about the Rømø Motor Festival. I’ve watched it several times, and I’d say they hit the nail on the head here. Check it out for yourself below.

Looks like I better start looking at plane tickets to Denmark for the international showdown at Rømø in  2018. Sound good?

Joey Ukrop

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