The Hillclimb… And One Hell Of A Ride…

The Hillclimb… And One Hell Of A Ride…

A year ago, I promised myself that I was gonna go to the Hillclimb this year no matter the circumstances. Well, I failed myself… and had to go to Houston on last minute business this weekend. Seeing all the coverage on Instagram as well as the H.A.M.B. put me in a state of depression that not even an Astros game and a bottle of Tequila could pull me out of.


Real pals are there for you in times of need though and Jeff Norwell pulled through in the clutch by delivering this footage from Goodwood:

This is rad on two levels. First, just seeing a squarebird overtake 3-peice suit types at will is exhilarating on any level. I mean…. ‘Murica!

Secondly, from a pure driver’s standpoint this footage puts Tom Kristensen (the driver) in the realm of gods. I have a little bit of experience on European road courses and can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that there aren’t many people on this earth that could drive that car so viciously and without any regard for the circumstances.

As he shoots for those tiny European apexes, the car understeers massively and once he gets all that weight shifted to the front to correct for it, the damned thing swaps into mountainous amounts of oversteer. And because his only advantage over his competition is straight line power, he has to stay in it to the very edge of catastrophe.

Ladies and gentlemen, that right there is art. Pure art. And I hear the Hillclimb was too… Damnit.


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