Another Casual Hot Rod

Another Casual Hot Rod

After I finish a big feature like yesterday’s, my H.A.M.B. activity gets very vain. I check the comments constantly hoping to see positive responses. I re-read my feature over and over. I click through the pictures again and again. I act how I imagine a 13 year-old does on Facebook.

Yesterday was no different. But eventually, I got tired of looking at my photos and starting browsing the classifieds hoping someone posted a clean F1 at a decent price. And then I noticed “Bubba67” posted a ’32 coupe for sale. Every time that guy sells something, I want it… and this time was no different.

Check this thing out:

Amazing, right? And the money isn’t all that bad either considering it’s an honest-to-goodness ’32 coupe with history. I’m in love.

Details here.

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