The Side Project Coupe Finale

The Side Project Coupe Finale

We’ve been over this before… In fact, we’ve been over the build of this car in great detail on the H.A.M.B. and I even did a wrap up feature on that buildĀ about a year ago. But Randy was so eager to get his car that I never really had a chance to shoot it in a proper setting before it left.

And then, a while back Randy brought the car back to Keith for a tune and a few other small changes. It was only supposed to be here a few weeks, but Randy had some health issues and the car ended up living in my shop for about 6 months. I’ve gotten really attached to seeing it sitting beside my own coupe and I was really sad to see Randy’s son drive off with it on Friday. By the time he gets home, the coupe will have over 2,500 miles on it without a major break down of any kind. And that’s pretty amazing given that the car was really never given any shake down time before it was delivered over a year ago.

Tardel knocked it out of the park on this one.

In any case, I’m not gonna go over the specs of the car again. You should really read the original feature here for that. But I do want to stress one aspect of the car again… And that’s that this is absolutely my kind of hot rod. It’s not complicated. It’s not ornate. It’s not pretending to be anything that it’s not. It’s casual… and very, very honest.

A lot of my pals and a lot of the people that really make this industry run regard the pinnacle of hot rodding to be a car with no faults and a perfect finish. And while I appreciate these cars as well, my passion will always be cars with a more approachable nature – cars that can be driven as they were intended to be and without worry or concern of the consequences. To me, show pieces can never truly be that.

Further, I sincerely appreciate the texture that only comes with age. Nothing speaks to me more than a hot rod that has a story to tell via it’s battle scars from generations of use and abuse. At the end of the day, it’s those imperfections that make traditional hot rodding what it is… and it’s those imperfections that differentiate it from all of the other genres of hot rodding out there.

But enough of my gospel. Enjoy the photos:

And for shits and giggles, here’s the video short I did when Keith first finished the car:


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