Hot Rod Pics from Cyberspace

Hot Rod Pics from Cyberspace

We are lucky to be living in such times that you can still come across hot rod images on the internet from 60 or even 70 years ago that you’ve never seen before. I really love amateur photos from this period for their purity and inspiration. Its why the Don Montgomery “Hot Rod” Scrapbook series are some of my all time favorite books for essential reference and as a picture resource for how to build your own period-correct car. Need to figure out how to set the stance on your roadster? Looking for dash ideas on your gow job? Maybe you can’t decide between blackwalls and wide whites? Vintage hot rod photos are often your best bet for an answer!

I’ve grabbed 10 random hot rod pics from the 50s in hopes that you may have not seen all these before. Enjoy, and hopefully get some inspiration of your own!

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