Motor City Modified Auto Club (Detroit) 1953

Motor City Modified Auto Club (Detroit) 1953

Here’s some color 8mm footage of the Detroit-based ‘Motor City Modified Auto Club’ running cars on a large, open tarmac- Possibly the Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti. The MMAC was formed in 1948 by local hot rodders, and had such notable members as The Alexander Brother, Frank Burrell, and car show promoter Bob Larivee.

This 4 part film series is a mixed bag of hot rods and customs running around in 1953 with some very standout moments:

In Reel 1 check out the killer chopped ’40 Mercury Convertible at 2:20 minutes into the film; Who’s car was this?

Reel 2 has great drag footage along with a complete chalkboard of all entrants drag time and trophy classes for the car show.

Reel 3 has some damage to the film, but lots of nice, slow panning shots of the hot rods. I want one of these plaques!

Reel 4 is in nice shape with side-by-side drags on a hard dirt surface.

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