The Family Business

The Family Business

Hey fellas… I’m freshly back in the office and head down trying to get the H.A.M.B. drags together. We are only a couple of weeks away and my hair is on fire, but I thought this would be a good time to illustrate something that is really important to me – the fact that the Drags are 100% put on and organized by my family. Most of you know that Marcie (my wife) and her sisters run the event the day of, but I don’t think many of you realize the work that is done prior is also entirely done within the Cochran family. For illustration, I took this shot yesterday:

That’s (from right to left) Marcie, Juno, Presley (remember her baby shower at the Drags?), and Miller stuffing event packets and getting them ready to mail out today. Pretty crazy feeling taking that picture…

Anyway – yeah, packets are going out today. Get ready fellas!

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