The JackHammer ’40 Ford Tudor

The JackHammer ’40 Ford Tudor

I’m over in the UK for work this week, unfortunately with no time to check out the local hot rods- Luckily I did stumble upon the website for JackHammer Hot Rods & Kustoms in Hampshire. Owner Miles Sherlock has a really clean ’40 Ford Tudor that is undeniably the coolest shop vehicle you could have, not to mention that it’s running around England! If one word sums this car up, it’s ‘character’, which it exudes in both the nose-down stance and original-looking paint finish. Miles was careful to keep the blue patina’d paint in place working on the car, only repairing what was needed on the body and painting the firewall before installing a new motor. The warm vanilla white hand-lettering on the doors and black ’40 California tags and period plate frame (from the Bay Area, no less) help tell the story as well. Well, done, Miles!

(photos courtesy of JackHammer)

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