Build Your Own (die cast) Hot Rod!

Build Your Own (die cast) Hot Rod!

I posted about a cool Weiand Belly Tanker coming from ACME a few months ago, and that led me to another die cast offering by the same folks that I’m really excited about. Turns out they offer a complete 1:18 scale die cast model kit of a 1932 Ford Roadster, 3 Window or 5 Window coupe. The nostalgic model kit box comes with all the optional pieces to build it full-fendered (or not), Small Block, Hemi, or Flathead motor, Quickchange or 9″, Halibrands or Steelies… You even have optional shifters! The metal body comes already primed and ready for paint, along with separate doors with polished metal hinges, deck lid and full floor with Deuce chassis.

This is a great father/ child project too, so I’m just starting on the ’32 roadster with my kids this Summer, letting them help with the paint and assembly (Look for some pictures once I get going… ). Now here’s the tricky part: By ACME’s website, it looks like they may not offer these kits anymore, but don’t be detoured- I’ve seen them around! If your itching to build a hot rod but your a little short on budget, here’s your chance…



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