Classy Nash?

Classy Nash?

By the early 1950s, Nash had a reputation as a budget, entry-level car. The Rambler was a fine car, and the Metropolitan was cute, but did Nash ever make a truly cool car? Well, they made a few, and here’s the top three that I wouldn’t throw out of my garage:

  1. 1939 Nash Ambassador 8 Coupe or Convertible: I don’t know why this one year was so attractive to me, but I love it. The ’40-’41 models are similar, but something about those large, flush headlamps and curved side grilles just make this car cooler for me.
  2. 1946-48 Nash Pickup Truck: Nash played with developing a few light duty truck models to gauge if they would jump back into commercial vehicles after the War, but beyond a few decent-looking prototypes and test mules, it went no further.
  3. 1949-51 Nash Airflyte: The was the ultimate “Roger Rabbit” car of it’s time, with an aerodynamic envelope body featuring skirted front fenders, bubble rear end, and a very Buck Rogers ‘Uniscope’ instrument pod mounted on the column. Did I mention the front seats did convert into a bed? ‘For the traveling salesman’, of course!

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