Follow the Numbers…

Follow the Numbers…

You’ve probably read the big news by now that the original action sequence ’68 Mustang driven by Steve McQueen in Bullitt has been found in Mexico, after years of exhaustive searching and rumors. It was recently confirmed 100% as the car by verifying stamping numbers on the body.

Now think back in your own family history of the most special vehicle that’s long gone but you’d love to find and get back someday. What was that important car that your parents remember most or created the best memories for you? Was it your Pop’s old Model A Sedan? Maybe your first date station wagon, or your even Grandpa’s beater farm truck? I know for me that the most pivotal car in my family history was my Dad’s 1956 Corvette. He bought it while in the Navy, dated my mom in it, drag raced it, and up till us kids came along, it was his main ride. There’s full details and photos of his Vette from my 2007 post here. Someday I’m gonna find the serial number from that car, maybe an old registration, or a receipt with some critical data… Just gotta follow the numbers.

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