Pure Vintage Racing

Pure Vintage Racing

So I’m on an airplane spending thousands to take┬ámy kids to see a mouse for Spring Break. As such, my resources are limited and my time short… But right before I got on this winged machine, I was able to download and view a random video that was created over a year ago and only watched around 500 times since. To me, this damned thing is too well done and covers a topic too important to have so little attention. Plus, I don’t have shit to write about today…

So… Watch this:

Rad, right? Shit done the right way and for the right reasons… I know a lot of cars in the footage and even some of the people, but had no idea this was going down. It makes me smile… and smiles are a hard thing to come across as a hooligan destined to dance with a mouse in just a few short hours.

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