Stroker: The Artistic Works of Tom Medley

Stroker: The Artistic Works of Tom Medley

To say that I’ve been eagerly awaiting this book to arrive would be an understatement. My admiration of Tom Medley and his art of Stroker McGurk goes all the way back to my childhood, thumbing through my dad’s old Hot Rod issues, as well as my own CarToons magazines. The legendary cartoonist of Hot Rod magazine came to visit us while working on “Cars” and he gave me spiral-bound reproductions of Throttle magazine, which were long out of print at the time. Tom’s enthusiasm for hot rodding, photography, art, and life never dimmed till the day he died.

Onto the book… Honestly, the hardest part was restraining myself from scanning all 270 images in this breathtaking 240 page coffee table book. His son Gary Medley has done an amazing job gathering the best of the best for this slip-covered collectors item. In all it’s 12″ x 12″ glory, every original ink drawing is now printed on heavy stock, and large enough to really appreciate in detail for the first time. You’ll quickly get the sense of Medley’s wide range of illustration talent, and his witty timing. This is a book worth every penny, I assure you.

Thanks to our friends at the Rodder’s Journal for shipping my copy out so quickly! You can get yours here.




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