The Price of Speed…

The Price of Speed…

We all love our old cars for a variety of reasons; How they look, how they sound, etc. Its safe to say we also love to drive and maybe even race under the right conditions. Going to El Mirage or Bonneville for the first time, it’s not unusual to come home with the burning desire to build your own racer and get out there for a run… It’s also easy to forget that chasing down speed records can come with a price. I can’t even remember was I was looking for when I came across this sobering site: A Land Speed Racers Memorial. A webpage dedicated to racers in the past 107 years who has lost their life in the pursuit of speed records. Among them are Harvey HallerAthol Graham, and many others.

Rest in Peace, lads, and yes… God Speed.

(Thanks Jimmy B for the cover image of Harvey)

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