“The McConnell Story” Roadster

“The McConnell Story” Roadster

I’ve been trying to pull this post off for weeks, but keep getting thwarted by Warner Brothers. Have you ever seen the movie titledĀ “The McConnell Story”? Essentially, it’s a film based off a true story of an ace that flew in both WWII and Korea. His name was Joe McConnell… and he was also a hot rodder.

Anyway, here’s the movie:

I know this is a piss poor recording… But watch it as soon as you can anyway. It won’t be long before WB forces the guy that uploaded it to take it down. It’s a decent movie made better by the cameo of a decent little t-roadster with ’40 wheels and an overheating problem. Skip to around 4:10 to see it.

Anyone have any idea who’s roadster this was?

Oh… and special thanks to Chris Simmons for the heads up!

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