Where did 20 years go?

Where did 20 years go?

Crazy how fast time flies by, isn’t it? I got a message from Alan, the man who owns Billetproof asking if I would come back to to the show this year to help present a “Founder’s Award” with my show co-creator Kirk. Turns out we started Billetproof 20 years ago(!), which is really hard to believe. It all began with 26 registered cars at a bowling alley parking lot in Albany, California and a simple theme: A car show where low-buck, no billet, owner-built pre-65 hot rods and customs could come together. At that time there weren’t many organized gatherings for ‘our kind of car’ outside of Paso, Blessing of the Cars, the Shifters show, etc. I still have an e-mail from 1999 when a guy named ‘Ryan’ from Atomic Industries offered to support our 3rd annual event in someway. It led to a friendship I have with him and many other great car guys that has lasted to this day, many years later. If you find yourself out in Antioch for Billetproof 2016 on Saturday, please stop me and say hello… I’ll be the older guy trying to take it all in.

Unfortunately, I’m still trying to find my old pictures from that first show, so stay tuned…

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