The Little Red Wagon

The Little Red Wagon

“I was contacted by Dodge to do a tuff truck t.v. commercial in and around 1965. They showed me the truck. It was a Dodge A-100 compact pickup modified with a 426 Hemi. They told me the truck would run fast on all four wheels. I thought to myself, “What am I getting in to?” So, I buckled in and smashed the throttle. The front wheels launched to the sky. After that I came up with the idea to put a braking system on the truck so I could steer it with the front wheels in the air. It was a instant hit with fans. We made our first run in 1965 at Lions dragstrip. We ran in the mid 11 second range at 120mph on the rear bumper. After that the rest is history.”

– Bill Maverick. Crazy Bastard!


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