Widegren’s Speed Shop

Widegren’s Speed Shop

These videos were made 6 years ago, but somehow I just came across them. Widegren’s Speed Shop is located in Bissingen, Germany (essentially a tiny town between Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Audi headquarters). I don’t know too much about the place, but they seem to have darn good taste and decent skills by the look of their car projects. The boys at Widegren’s obviously decided to do some shop promotional videos as old-timey silent films, with all period work clothing and vintage car items, and the results are pretty fun to watch. The first film is a Flathead motor build, and in part 2, I love the metal work as they form a hot rod dash for a Kaiser gauge cluster. The sequence ends with a young rodder coming in for some tune up parts, which of course are all period-correct bits. I hope the boys decide to make a few more of these shop videos someday…

Part 1 (Embedding disabled by Youtube) :


Part 2:


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