LOWTECH: Issue #2

LOWTECH: Issue #2

The first one was really good. Issue two is even better. No shit.

If you aren’t familiar, LOWTECH is a little book that comes to us from over-seas, but that features really focused cars from all over the globe. For instance, in this second issue there’s coverage of both a great little model-a roadster put together by Circle City Hot Rods in California as well as some really clean photography of the Pendine Sands event in England. There’s lots more too…

To put it short, it’s a book that fits squarely into my bread basket – Quality over quantity, tasteful photography, clean layouts, smartly written… And you know what else I like? Marc, the guy behind LOWTECH, never bothers to toot his own horn. He doesn’t shove this book in your face with marketing. He doesn’t make a lot of noise. He just does his thing and when he’s done, he lets the product speak for itself.

Marc my man… I’m listening and I love what you are laying down.

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