“Pipe Dream”

“Pipe Dream”

Another day, another drag coupe in honor of the upcoming H.A.M.B. Drags.

When flipping through my collection of old Hot Rod Magazines, the September, 1957 issue always stands out. For most, that particular issue stands out as the issue that first featured the Kopper Kart. For others, it stands out as the issue that featured Bob McCoy’s famously flamed ’40 sedan. For me, it stands out simply because of the cover. The little a-coupe with the Lincoln motor and the crazy exhaust just screams, “Stop for a second. Remember this cover.” And so I do…

While the rearward placed motor certainly would have helped weight distribution, the resulting headers more than likely offset any gain. Hot fuel is never a good thing. Even so, it’s hard not to love a coupe with such a good personality. The chop is nice. The channel is perfect. The stance is right on. Everything is where it should be.

It’s also hard to imagine that such a distinctive car could be missing. Even considering that race cars were often cut up year-by-year, you gotta think that at least those headers survived, right? I bet they are hanging on a wall somewhere, unappreciated by their owner and cast off as “something weird I found at the swap meet.”

Chalk it up as another that deserves to be found.


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