Mass Transit to Bonneville

Mass Transit to Bonneville

Last I heard, the weather report is not looking pretty for Bonneville again this year… But lets say it’s a good year to go, and you want to head out to the salt flats with 8 of your best buddies… Whats your best option for group transport? What if you only had a tired, old Model A Roadster pickup and the whole gang wanted to ride together with you? The January 1956 issue of Rod & Custom has an ugly cover but a great article called “9 Men, 6 Wheels and 3 Days” about Malcolm Whitt’s three day thrash to build a double axle, 59AB flathead-powered race transporter. Essentially a fifth wheel trailer set up, the Model A truck traveled 600 miles with two guys in the cab and seven more riding in the aluminum trailer along with: “2 drums of gasoline, 30 gallons of something-or-other to drink, enough food and enough camping equipment for nine diehards”. Rain or shine, this my friends is the enterprising spirit of Bonneville!

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