F**ked In Argentina: Photos Of The Con

F**ked In Argentina: Photos Of The Con

Those of you that have read The Jalopy Journal #3 might be familiar with the last feature story in the book titled, “F**ked in Argentina.” Without doubt, that was the most difficult story in the book to write. Not only for the logistics of it (most of the research had to go down in South America), but also because of the legalities of it all. The main subject of the article didn’t want his real name or likeliness used, but did want us to use the real name of the con man that the story kind of revolves around. He also wanted us to be as accurate as possible with the setting of the story. Idea being that the published story could ruffle a few feathers and stir up some memories that might lead to the arrest/conviction of the named con man.

Now, this is all well and good… But, I’m no investigative journalist and I wasn’t about to go after some guy by name without absolute proof of his con. So, I became an investigative journalist. And part of that was getting together as much evidence as I could. Much of this is presented in the story, but the actual photographs of the cars in question were not.

Why? The original photographs of the cars were sent by email years ago and were of very low resolution. They simply didn’t meet the printing standards of the book. So in leu of printing the actual photographs, I printed a few out using my ink jet printer and then photographed those prints using my camera. The result is mysterious and fun, but they don’t give you (the reader) a very good idea of what these cars actually were.

So, today I present to you the actual photos of the con. And again, for context you need to read the article in TJJ#3. For those of you that have, check it out:

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