The Road To Salina

The Road To Salina

I missed the Spectacular for the second year in a row. Marcie and I had been planning on a little R&R in South Padre and it just happened the two events shared the same weekend. Of course, with this curse of mine a hurricane hit the island on the day of our would be arrival. You just can’t keep a good man down, so we headed to the lake instead. Hey, it’s water… and the margaritas are still cold.

Anyhow, Silva headed to Salina with camera in tow and did a little write up for us. Enjoy the story and the photos. Sure looks like I missed a good one…


El Jefe and I loaded up the Merc on an a typical Austin morning – overcast and threatening.  Destination Salina, Kansas for the 28th annual “Leadsled Spectacular.”

We’re meeting our crew north up I-35. The merc is cruising low and smooth. Soon enough, we’re in the little town of West, Texas. It’s here we meet Norm, Jim, Gary and his lovely wife. After fuel and kolaches, we hit the road. A rhythm is struck and we’re rolling, but within a few hours disaster strikes. We pull over for gas and inspection and the scene turns sour. Norm has lost a wheel bearing and the race is frozen on the spindle.

“Y’all go ahead. I don’t want to hold you up.”

Arrangements for pick up were made and we reluctantly leave our compadre. His presence missed, we press on…

Next destination? Wichita, Kansas and Dennis Mcphail’s studio. Arriving with no further drama, we find Dennis cooking up dogs and layin’ out the fixins. Time to chow down, check out McPhail’s studio and hit the road. A few hours later we arrive in Salina no worse for the wear.

I wont bore you with the details… Suffice it to say, there were several highlights!

The Friday night drags were incredible. We’re talking total outlaw, no holds barred, heads up drag racing! The scene played out on an old airstrip just like the “good old days.” The crowd’s ear to ear smiles were confirmation – this event was just plain cool.

Saturday brought out some impressive Rods and Customs. Salina was well represented by one Roger Morrison with the Berardini Brother’s roadster and a killer 40 coupe (a survivor originating from right here in Texas).

In any case, enough of the words. Enjoy the pictures…

Special thanks: El Jefe for letting me tag along and the crew from Austin speed shop for draggin my ass home.


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