Jimmy White

Jimmy White

James White

It was like one of those TV shows, only better as this one was R-rated and laced with raunchy one-liners and monologues. Skinny Jeff and Jimmy were on a deadline… They had one night to put Skinny’s truck back together in time for the Rat Fink Reunion the next day. I don’t really recall how I ended up in the mix, but I found myself driving all over Orange county with these two jokers in search of a clutch plate. It truly was a night of hilarity that only folks that know these two can understand.

Fast forward a couple of years (alright, a few) and Jimmy White is now one of the most respected hot rod builders in America. He’s one of those guys that makes fabrication look easy and artsy. Every bracket, every component, every modification on his cars look purposeful and thoughtful. It’s the result of years of experience and an undying dedication to push the traditional envelope.

Circle City Hot Rods is Jimmy’s domain.

As for Skinny Jeff, he’s one of my favorite people on earth and I haven’t talked to him in years. Anyone know where he is hiding?

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