Hot Rods at Amelia

Hot Rods at Amelia

I’ve just returned from an amazing weekend of good friends and beautiful cars at the 20th annual event at Amelia Island. If you’ve never been to this particular Concours, I would highly recommend you go before it outgrows it’s self from being exceedingly popular. Just like all really fun events, the word gets out how cool the show is and then more people attend each year till the vibe changes… Luckily, Amelia still has that special feeling well in tact.

The Hot Rods were staged as East versus West Coast this year, with some of the more iconic rods from each side of the US attending. On the West I saw some of my personal all time favorites like the Ray Brown ’32, Vic Edelbrock’s Deuce, Dick Flint’s 29 A, the Bob McGee Highboy, the Tony LaMasa/ Ricky Nelson Roadster, Phil Remington’s Lakester, and Joaquin Arnett/Andy Granatelli’s ’34 Coupe. The East featured a nice range of channeled lowboys and clear examples of how the Right Coast cars grew from street and Sports Car racing, rather than the dry lakes and Bonneville. There was one particular vehicle in this group that I really loved, and will feature more about later this week. For now, enjoy some quick shots I took before the crowds arrived, including a few of the amazing Frank Lockhart Stutz Landspeed Racer replica!

IMG_9159 IMG_9155 IMG_9158 IMG_9162 IMG_9163 IMG_9167 IMG_9168 IMG_9125 IMG_9129 IMG_9128IMG_9133

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