Ruben Duran

Ruben Duran

Another Friday, another Friday art show… A couple of weekends ago, when Joyo and I were staying at Doc’s house, I got the chance to check out one of the more impressive hot rod art collections in existence. The one piece that really stood out to me was one done by Ruben Duran (see above). It was oil on canvas and not something I would really label as “hot rod art”. It was just art. Very detailed, very thoughtful, very… It was just art. You’d have no problem getting your wife’s permission to hang it in any room of the house.

In any case, I made a mental note of Ruben’s name so that I could check out more of his work as soon as I got home. Man, am I glad I did… I don’t know that images really do these pieces justice as you just can’t see the detail or feel the texture like you can in person, but you have to dig on the compositions… Enjoy.


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