On The Road Again…

On The Road Again…

I’m hitting the long road to Ohio and the Hot Rod Cinematic tomorrow morning and although I plan on posting a bit from the road, I’m not completely sure how much you will hear from me this week. As such, I thought I would fill you guys in on some huge changes on the horizon… Namely, the H.A.M.B. (version 9.0?) will be reloading next week.

What does that mean?

Well, a redesign (to match the new TJJ) that comes with tons of new features including:

1. Customizable profile pages

2. User photo galleries

3. Public user messages

4. Easier photo uploading

And much, much more… It’s the biggest upgrade we’ve done in our 13 years and I am pretty damned excited about it. I think you guys will be to when ya see it.

In any case, expect some minor down time next week. See ya’ll in Ohio.

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