Heroes… Gotta question for one?

Heroes… Gotta question for one?

The American Hot Rod Foundation

It was the 1940’s and some of them were flying missions over Germany or Japan, others were preparing airplanes to do the same, and still others were on the ground fighting face to face. A few years later and most were back home after having fought and won a country’s freedom through good ole hard work and ingenuity.

And once they were home that focus and drive had to be placed somewhere else. Guys like Lee Chapal (pictured), Bill Burke, Art Chrisman, and the Pierson brothers took it out to the garage. Hot Rodding was born to heroes.

And now is your chance to ask some of these pioneers the questions you always wanted answered.


Introducing: Ask an Expert!

The Jalopy Journal and the American Hot Rod Foundation have teamed up to give you access to some of the most important people in hot rodding history. Get your itch scratched by folks like Ed Iskenderian, Dick Flint, Art Chrisman, Don Montgomery and a host of others. It’s an opportunity that literally comes once in a lifetime…

Click here to get started.

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