My First L.A. Roadsters Show

My First L.A. Roadsters Show

The Silva Family was headed out west to attend the L.A. Roadster Show, so I decided to talk Kevin into covering the event for us. Enjoy:

As a kid growing up on the east coast, “The L.A. Roadsters Show” seemed a world away. I lived vicariously through the pages of every “Hot Rod” magazine I could get my hands on. I dreamed of one day attending those shows so neatly laid out on their pages.

Fast forward 35 years or so… An opportunity to attend the 44th annual L.A. Roadsters show presented itself. “Stoked” does not begin to describe my feelings. The raw emotion and anticipation was immense. A child on Christmas morning? Not even close pal!

Arriving in Los Angeles Friday evening – with rental car and hotel sorted – we settle in. All too quickly it’s 4:00 AM… I’m wide awake, anticipation growing. Toss, turn, repeat… At 6:00 AM, I wake the family, get some breakfast, and we’re at the gate by 7:30.

Whoa! The Fairplex is huge… No problem, the show is well staffed and organized… The L.A. Roadsters have this nailed.

Entering the press gate we’re cordially met by “Jack Stewart”.

Jack: “Ok, you’re Kevin who?” “And you’re representing the Jalopy what?”

Kevin: “I’m Kevin Silva and I’m representing the Jalopy Journal.”

Jack: “Ok kid, fill out the press log and I’ll show you around. First show?”

Kevin: “Yes…(playing down my emotion) I’m pretty stoked.”

Off we go in the official golf cart with Jack pointing out all the finer points of the show.

In closing, I’d say it was everything I hoped for – well organized, great cars, killer swap meet and preferred spectator parking that was a show in itself.

Ran outta time far too soon… we’ll be back!

– Kevin Silva

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Jack Stewart and “The L.A Roadsters”. This one has always been a classy show and we were pretty tickled to have our guys treated so well. You guys rule.

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