The Coker Tire Drive-In Challenge

The Coker Tire Drive-In Challenge

Later this month, a few of us are getting together in Ohio at one of the oldest drive-in theaters in the country. Of course, I’m talking about the Hot Rod Cinematic. I’m excited about this one for a lot of different reasons, but I just talked to Corky and had to post… Introducing the second annual Coker Tire Drive-In Challenge.

The basic idea is a nod to an activity of past – sneaking folks into the drive-in. Only as hoodlums, we encourage it (for the competition only of course!). And the winner? They get their choice of:

1. Set of four Coker, American Classic or BFG Silverton Whitewall radials.


2. Set of four (could be big and littles) bias whitewall or blackwall Firestone tires.

Here are the rules:

1. Winner will be the owner of the car.
2. Any participants can be seen by our judge will not be counted towards a total.
3. Judges will walk the perimeter of the car and look under it. They will not open any doors or deck lids.

Pretty swank deal… I can’t wait.

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