Hotter Spark, Better Sounds

Hotter Spark, Better Sounds

I’ve posted many, many times about my flathead distributor woes here as well as on the forums. Realistically, these problems can be broken down to two sources:

1. Really poor Chinese made point sets.

2. My own stupidity.

Jim Linder, one of the men behind Bubba’s Hot Rod Shop (Speedway, IN), got fed up with reading about my problems and took action. He sent over an email and demanded that I send him my spare distributor. Not wanting to face the wrath of Gasoline Alley, I boxed up my crab and sent her out with a couple of t-shirts.

About a week later, the box returned to my address stuff full of yet more t-shirts, some hot sauce, a jar of stuffed olives, and one very clean and very pretty crab distributor. As it turns out, my spare distributor was an absolute mess and would have done me no good if stranded road-side. A bad set of points and a warped breaker plate were just some of the problems…

Once Jim got the obvious straightened out, he threw in a set of Echlin points (Part # CS-47) and got her timed on his machine. Just for good measure (and my own peace of mind), Jim then ran the hell out of the little crab at 6000 rpm and rechecked everything to specs.

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I’ve had his work on my coupe for about 150 miles now and as the video above can attest, it’s running great. If you are looking for some expertise towards your vintage dizzy, I don’t know that I could recommend a better bunch of guys than the folks at Bubba’s Hot Shop… I couldn’t be happier…


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