The 1952 Indy 500

The 1952 Indy 500


Jim Rogacki is an engineer from Buffalo, NY. Like most of his profession, he’s more than a bit detail oriented. As such, rather than rewrite his story I thought it would be best just leave it in his words. Enjoy:


I am always looking for that once in a lifetime deal, hoping to someday open the door too a long forgotten garage and find an insurmountable stash of parts. Along the way I am always following up on the smallest of leads and sometimes treasures are found. Sometimes the treasure found are not what you had expected to find. Most of the time I end up meeting some interesting people and making new friends, we trade car stories, exchange a couple of phone numbers and the hunt continues.

After I found a small stash of vintage sprint car stuff, I was on a quest to identify some of the goodies. In this quest of discovery, I recently met an interesting gentleman who promoted himself as a bit of a historian. His days are spent searching for information and then collecting little known facts about the great Indianapolis races of yesteryear. I spent the better part of a day sitting with the gentleman looking over the parts I had for identification and then the rest of the time looking at some of his old photos of Indy races. This man is retired and has an overwhelming collection of old Indy race information. The man does not use a computer for his research; he doesn’t use a computer at all. I found it amazing the amount of information he has been able to amass.

After spending much of the day with him I was able to borrow a folder of photos, the entire starting grid for the 1952 Indy 500, which I wanted to share with you and the members of the board. I attempted to upload and have a problem in doing so. The problem is that when I scanned them in as JPG and uploaded to a photobucket account I cannot get the photos to rotate so they can be looked at. I edited the photos and have saved them.

I am sending you these photos in hopes you can share them with the other members of the board. I found the photos very interesting, the car designs and attention to detail is astonishing. I also found the safety gear or lack thereof very interesting. Enjoy.

016.jpg img062.jpg img064.jpg

img065.jpg img066.jpg img067.jpg

img068.jpg img069.jpg img070.jpg

img071.jpg img072.jpg img073.jpg

img074.jpg img075.jpg img076.jpg

img077.jpg img078.jpg img080.jpg

img081.jpg img083.jpg img085.jpg

img086.jpg img088.jpg img089.jpg

img091.jpg img092.jpg img093.jpg

img094.jpg img095.jpg img096.jpg

img097.jpg img098.jpg img099.jpg

For a complete box score of the race, click here.

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