Paul Hannan’s 1929 Roadster

Paul Hannan’s 1929 Roadster

Specific, and sometimes very obscure, hot rods have floated around my head since… well, every since I can really remember. And each can be brought to my conscience at the spur of the moment and typically by triggers that seem random enough. This one, however, isn’t so random.

Yesterday, I was talking to a buddy of mine and he was commenting about all of the early 60’s styled hot rods that he sees running around with American 5-spokes mounted. “I mean, I don’t remember ever seeing a car running Americans when I was a kid in the early 60’s. Hell, I rarely saw mags at all. I don’t even think I knew about the 5-spoke until the late 60’s. Kids these days are masterful at revisionist history.”

He’s gotta point. Kids like me are pretty masterful at painting a picture that never existed. That said, I’ve never seen the point of being hostile about it. I’ve always felt that a “point of contention” should have some sort of pay-off at the end and that one’s that don’t are a sort of subconscious ego trip. Which is fair, right? We all have them whether we can admit to it or not.

In any case, all of this was running through my head when Paul Hannan’s roadster drove by my mind’s eye.

“Wait.” I said. “Do you know Paul Hannan’s ’29?”

Paul’s car is a pretty obscure example. It was featured in a mid-1960’s Rod & Custom Magazine (one that I can’t seem to find in my collection this morning), but other than that and a small mention in the June, 1962 issue of Car Craft, the car never really got much fan fare. And why would it? It’s just a really clean race inspired hot rod – not a crazy show rod capable of moving big pages off of news stands. It’s also just my style… and, of course, it’s an early 60’s build featuring American 5-spokes.

How about that Tommie?


Anyway, this got me thinking. We need a picture thread of early builds with 5-spokes. Lets start it now.

Quick rules:

1. Cars that would fit in the “Traditional Hot Rod” forum only.

2. No RADIAL tires.

3. Early historical builds get bonus points.

What you got?



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