The Art and Allure of N.O.S.

The Art and Allure of N.O.S.

No friends, I’m not referring to the ubiquitous blue bottle of go-fast known as ‘NOS’, we’re talking about *New Old Stock*, and vintage car parts in particular… 65 year old parts that have never been installed on a vehicle for some reason. I was organizing some garage shelf treasures and found a Mobilite spot lamp new-in-the-cardboard-box from 1947. Maybe it’s nerdy, but I love the old packaging graphics and illustrations as much as the actual auto part (if not more) sometimes. Especially when it’s completely hand-drawn mounting instructions including bracket patterns for practically every major American car between 1940 – 1946, as we have here. I ┬áhonestly don’t know if I’ll ever install this beautiful spotlight on one of my old cars (maybe if I had a matching set!), but even that happens, the box and paperwork will be kept safe and intact if at all possible. Seems to me, N.O.S. items in their original packaging are each there own time capsule that tell a more complete story that a pile of swap meet parts ever could.


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