Art: Today & Yesterday

Art: Today & Yesterday

Fridays just seem to be art day around here. It’s a tradition that was started at least 5 or 6 years ago, but no one is really sure when or by whom. All the same, it makes sense – right? Art goes hand in hand with hot rodding and customizing… creativity, form, shape, etc…

Anyway, I was thinking about all of this last night and thought that an interesting post could be made in and around the idea of art and its history in hot rodding. The idea is simple – post your favorite art piece created before 1965 and your favorite piece created after 1995. I’ll start it off…

After 1995
Artist: Dan Picasso

I fell in love with this piece the instant I saw it. Look at Stuat Hilborn’s face… We’ve all been right where he is – frustrated, but not beat.

Before 1965
Artist: Dick Teague

It’s hard for me to pick one Dick Teague piece, but this one has always driven my imagination. Dick was so good at depicting speed and I loved… I mean, absolutely loved his horizons.

Your turn fellas. Post your favorites.

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