1933/34 Ford Roadsters

1933/34 Ford Roadsters


Kevin Lee and I were discussing early Ford style just the other day. We both agreed that out of all the Ford body styles from 1929 to around 1935 or so, the ’33/34 roadster is at the bottom of the cool list. Most of these cars just seem so big and out of proportion… It’s almost as if you can’t get them low enough or put a big enough tire on them.

Around this same time, Keith Tardel (Rex Rods) was putting the finishing touches on a client’s ’34 roadster. The result is nothing less than spectacular.

Now it’s no secret that Keith is one of my best pals and frankly, I don’t know if anyone could be more bias than I am… BUT, I’m also not sure that I have ever seen a ’33/34 roadster that bakes my noodle quite as much as this one. It starts with stance and the “big and little” Firestones. That perfect rubber rake compliments the absolute exact tolerances of suspension/altitude adjustments done by the way of early Ford parts only. The car no longer looks super long or crazy tall… It’s just right.

And of course it’s black…

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