Single Seater

Single Seater

I was setting up the Jalopy Journal booth on Friday morning of the Round Up when I heard the unmistakable sound of a straight six through open pipes. I whipped my head around to see an oddly proportioned single seat roadster. I instantly liked what I saw and made a mental note to go check it out later.

It wasn’t until Saturday that I finally made it over to the roadster. The first impression that hit me was the overall size – it’s actually a BIG car with a seemingly long wheel base and a pretty wide track width. In fact, I would bet that the dimensions are pretty close inline with what I’m guessing was the inspiration for the car – early Miller. Unfortunately, I only had enough time to take these relatively poor photos before I had to move on and get back to work.

I’m wondering… Does anyone out there know more about this car? Fill us in…

012.jpg 022.jpg 032.jpg

042.jpg 052.jpg061.jpg


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