Steve Hendrickson

Steve Hendrickson

Steve Hendrickson

Steve is one of those guys that makes anything seem possible. I first noticed this aspect of him while reading his stuff in Rodder’s Digest. He has a way of writing that carries a tone of simplicity without leaving you feeling cheated of reality. You know what I mean? If Steve wrote a tech article on redoing the front-end of his Pontiac, you put the magazine down absolutely confident that you could do the work as well. It’s not just the way he writes either… Steve is just a really egoless and approachable guy.

In fact, Steve was one of those guys that I heavily leaned on during the early days of The Jalopy Journal. I was some schmuck kid and he was THE Steve Hendrickson. Of course, he registered as “Just Steve” and was absolutely open to answer any media questions I might have. I even got him to sign one of his books for me… I’ve always been amazed that a guy that I have looked up to for so long is now a friend of mine. So cool.

A while back Steve was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and MS. During the past year or so he has fought through Chemo to beat the Lymphoma, but is struggling mightily with the MS and has been in and out of ICU for a while now. The good people at Cartech and Motorbooks have decided to organize a pot luck party on his behalf and to help support him and his family. I really think this is something we should all get involved with boys. Here’s the details:

Hendrickson Family and Friends Potluck
When: Saturday July 22nd at noon
Where: Oakey Park in Osceola, Wisconsin
What to bring: Bring a dish to pass. Beverages, plates, napkins, utensils will be provided. Alcohol is permitted and beer will be available for a small cash donation. All proceeds will go to the Hendricksons, so get stinking drunk fellas. I’m counting on ya!

Of course, there will be a ton of hot rods there and the Hendrickson family would love to see yours there as well. This could be a very special little event fellas. I wish I was I could get there…

Stay tuned for more information.

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