Friday Art Show – Lonestar Style

Friday Art Show – Lonestar Style

Why do they start the “Friday” art show on Thursday? I think I read once it’s because it is already Friday in Australia? Good enough for me.

One of my favorite traditions of the Round Up is the debuting of the event art. Steve and the boys always go the extra mile in getting top notch talent to pen up the identity of each year’s show. In the past, guys like McPhail, Weesner, Picasso, Franco, and Norwell have been called upon to put pen to paper in honor of some killer t-shirts. This year I figured the freshly annexed Von Franco would almost certainly be doing the art again, but I didn’t know much past that.

And then I got an email with a mind blowing attachment… It was from Franco and addressed to a few folks that run the show. My name was merely on the ‘cc’ line. The art featured one of Franco’s famous monsters driving a model-a coupe that looked identical to my own. As much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t believe that Franco would use my coupe as inspiration. But, I thought, why am I included on this email? Maybe it really is my coupe? Simply too much to ponder.

A few days pass and Brian sends me a high resolution image of the final art. He tells me to look at the firewall and the guitar… Sure enough, the firewall features a H.A.M.B. Alliance tag while the guitar hides references to all of my favorite country music artists. I’m still thunder struck…

Click the thumbnail to enjoy the art from Von Franco.


Editor’s note: I’m still pretty sick fellas. If you are waiting on an email or some other kind of communication from me, be patient… I’ll get to it.

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